multiple audio interfaces

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Please excuse me I am a novice when it comes to technical stuff so I am calling upon your assistance.

Say I have 12 musicians in a room and I want each one to plug into some kind of equipment (like a mixer) that they can hear themselves and anything I wish to send them through to them via headphones. The catch is I want to send different things to them either individually, or as a group or sub group - can this be done and will it be expensive? For example I may wish to send them clicks at a different speeds or different backing tracks from different media files.

Any help is much appreciated.

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hi zig

you will need a mixer, atleast 12ch, so you should find a 16 ch console.
unless one is a drummer and you have multiple mikes on the set then you will need more inputs for those mikes.
then to send phone mixes to the musicians you would use your aux sends.
you should find a console that has atleast 4 aux sends, b/c it seems like you are wanting to do a few different mixes to different groups.
for additional headphone mixes you (could) use your buss outputs, but the one main downfall to that is your busses are post fader, so any adjustments you do to your fader will effect the headphone feed coming out of those busses. with that said you cant adjust the level of one particular ch. for your muscians that are getting their feed from a bus b/c that would effect the feed to your main output.
So, the busses should be your LAST resort.

as far as sending different clicks you would come out of whatever is providing the click track into your console and send that click out to the respective musican. and continue doing the same for all other clicks.

I hope this helps.