My boot drive is full

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I'm getting error messages telling me that my OS X boot drive is full. I don't know which files are OK to trash. Since I don't use OS 9 anymore, can I trash the old system folder?

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Don't delete the OS9 stuff, you need that to run "classic" applications. The best files to remove are large media files like music, video etc. Burn that stuff to a cd so you can clear room off the hard drive. Or transfer to a separate drive, not the boot drive.

To find the larger files, use the Finder's "Find" feature to find items whose size are greater than 1-5MB. That should give you an idea where the big ones are hiding.

The OS X rule: Keep at least 5-10% of the disk empty or you will have trouble.

More tips:

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Thank you, Tony! That seems to work. You're a lifesaver.

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I was having a continual and annoying scratch disk full issue too.
I am the proud owner of a Western Digital 250gig "book" drive.
It 's USB but at $109 ( for 250gig... slow ain't a big issue!

I'm getting another one next week.