Need a good Mic for Recording Concerts!

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I record the concerts I go to as a hobby and am in need of a new portable mic. I recently made the switch from Cassette to DAT, but the two concerts I recorded did not come out well. There was so much Bass that it overwhealmed the rest of music and comes out in big static spots. The quiet, acoustic parts are just wonderful and clear! I know that every venue and style of music is different, but I wanted to find something that can handle a wide range.

I am using a Sony TCD-D7 DAT Recorder and a Radioshack Bianural Mic. This is about a $40 mic and worked pretty well with the cassettes. I tried using a small, portable Preamp when I had the cassette recorder, but it took out so much of the sound, when I amplified it in the computer the tape noise was unbearable. Should I get another one of these and use it with the DAT now that I have a clean digital signal? I have heard that some Mics come with a Preamp built in.

I wanted to get some oppinons and brand names of some good mics. Keep in mind they have to be small enough to string through a hat. The ones I have have very small ends and a very long cord. I know that the more you spend, the better your equipment. But I am looking in the under $200 range or so. Also, if anyone knows of any concert recording websites or tips pages, it would be a good resource. Thank you so much for your time!