need some help with a decision: improving my home studio

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hi, im new here, but i had a question that someone here could most likely give me an honest answer to.
okay, well im looking to get better recording equipment for my "home studio". ive been looking at different things for a while now, but im not sure what i should get.
i dont have much money to spend, maybe in the $1000 range.
i have a good mixer, and good mics, ive been putting money into those for a while so that is pretty much all set. what i need is something to record onto. i have been using this crappy little fostex 8 track, and my computer(without any real programs for record or mixing) for a while now, and i now have some money to put into something better.
i dont know what i should look into though, ADAT, or somesort of DAW or something else. theres also a problem with my computer..........its sucks, and that would be a pretty important thing to have for digital recording i assume.
so i guess if anyone has any advice for me that would be great, i am totally new to digital, and have a little bit of a backround in ADAT.

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Great news that you've already got good mics. That's the most important part of the chain, and they'll never become obsolete! Get a USB2 or FireWire interface for $5-700 and spend the rest on upgrading your computer. If it's too old, perhaps consider selling off your computer to pay for part of a newer one.

Here's another discussion with a rundown of inexpensive audio interfaces:

And my guide to audio interfaces:

Remember that you'll need a good external hard drive, and something to back up your data:

Good luck, and don't blow all your $ at once!