No Input on DA-88 - Could use some "input"

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First, I'd like to say that Silentway has been a great source of info over the years, especially on DA-88's since we've been using a pair of them them here for about 19 yrs. To be quite honest, I’m looking FWD to the day they are permanently retired. (The 2nd unit - normally used as a “slave deck” for 16trk projects - is beginning to act up.) :cry:

This past week about 18 hours was spent on our “main deck” recording and mixing and it worked flawlessly. Late Friday setting up for another session, I discovered no input going into the deck via the RCA jacks. (The first thing I looked at was the “digital in”. It was not accidentally engaged.) After some basic trouble shooting I decided to use a test tone oscillator to inject a -10, 1K sine wave directly into the RCA inputs. Nothing across all 8. I guess anything is possible, but has anyone ever experienced all analog inputs going “poof” at once?

Our regular tech/authorized service center here in the Chicago area no longer exists. Can anyone recommend a reliable DA-88 tech here in the Midwest?

Thanks for your time.