PayPal micropayments alternate price structure hidden link

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In case you're trying to find details on PayPal's micropayments option of 5% + $0.05 per transaction, it is hidden on their website:

...which briefly describes the alternate pricing scheme for selling low-priced items. You must sign up via this page:

Why is it hidden? I guess they figure everyone else will pay the higher rate, rather than take their business elsewhere... they are wrong, but it's their loss.

The break-even point is an $11 transaction, over which it's better to go with a regular PayPal account.

It's the best I've found so far. For comparison, Google Checkout is 2% plus $0.20.

PP's micropayment structure requires that you set up an additional PayPal account. You can't use a regular PP account. This can be tricky since no two accounts can be linked to the same bank account or credit card.

And on a related topic, Payloadz is a digital download service which might be good to know about if you are selling low-price digital items. It's a bit clunky and sometimes unreliable, but the price is right, particularly for low-volume sales.