PC sound card to usb or firewire interface

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Anyone know of any product (perhaps some sort of bay) which would allow me to plug a PC sound card into USB or Firewire to interface with a laptop?


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Bruce and I emailed off-forum. Here's what we discussed:

I'm sorry but I'm not sure I understand your description. What is your end goal with such a contraption? Surely there is an easier way!

I have an older Terratec EWS88, so there's a sound card and a breakout box. I no longer use a desktop, laptop only. I'm trying to connect the sound card to the laptop. I'm trying to find a system similar to the docking bays which allow you to remove the hard drive from any unused computer, dock it in a bay made for the purpose, and connect to another computer to use the old drive as an external drive. In other words, I'm looking for something which would be physically like the bay in a desktop which you slide the sound card into, but which would terminate in a USB or Firewire connector, allowing me to connect the sound card to my laptop. In lieu of that, any sort of connector/cable assembly which would accept the connector strip on the edge of the circuit board of the sound card and terminate in USB or Firewire.
I realize this is unusual and probably such a thing doesn't exist, but basically I'm trying to use the hardware I already have rather than spend money on a new system.

So, what you’re looking for is an outboard PCI (or whatever card slot format it is) receiver/bay that plugs into your laptop via USB2 or FW.

I don’t know of such a thing as I haven’t sought it. But it might exist! Now that we’ve honed in on a description, search around, maybe it’s out there. The question is, is it more expensive than just buying a new USB/FW audio interface (depends on how many channels etc). AND, would such a contraption cause compatibility headaches (quite possibly).