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I have put all the correct tags for all my music so that when i right click on the song file and click properties, all the right information comes back up. So i think that all the songs have the correct information. But for some reason, when i load the song into itunes, it says "various artist" under artist and i see that the album name is also wrong (specifically the name which i changed already shows back up in itunes)
For example a song with the following tag
Bring me to life- title
Evanescence- Author
Fallen- album
Shows up in itunes as
Bring me to life- title
Various artists- author
Unknown- album
This was the old tag that i thought i had already changed.

Please help

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I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but i am using a mac and i used the program "ID tunes" to correct all the tag information in my songs.

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I looked up ID Tunes because it's new- I had not heard of it. Looks like a handy tool. But it can't possibly get all of the tags right. It's guessing based on limited info, and filling them in from a limited database. At least it's a start. (Note that the demo version only fills in 25 tracks. Maybe you can get support from them about this.)

If you're using a Mac, you wouldn't see the contextual menu item called "properties," which is a PC only term. (The Mac OS calls this "Get Info".) So perhaps you're using ID Tunes on a Mac then switching to a PC version of iTunes?

Regardless, you can correct all your tag info in iTunes, but it might require editing them all one-by-one. If there are groups of files (ie albums), you can edit them in batches.


One note, your files might not have ID3 tags which are version 2. Check it out in the first iTunes Get Info/Properties tab, "Summary." If the ID3 tag is lower than version 2.3, update it by using the menu item "Advanced-->Convert ID3 Tags.

You can read more about this in an excessively long article of mine,