Powering a Tascam DA-P1 with Anton Bauer batteries

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I've got a bunch of anton bauer batteries (gold mount) and I'd like to power my Tascam DA-P1 portable dat recorder with them. It seems like it should be possible, since a Gold Mount adapter for video cameras steps the native 14.4V of the battery down to 7.2 volts for the camera, which is what the DA-P1 requires.

I know EcoCharge makes an batt for the DA-P1 but I don't want to have a buy another set of batteries just for this, when I'm sure they can be powered by the anton bauers with just a little tweaking of some adapters. Has anyone ever asked you guys about this kind of thing before? Would you know someone who might be able to help?

Thank you for whatever assistance you can provide.


Neil U.