Problem with Focusrite TwinTrak Pro...

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I run a small project studio out of my house and I just purchased a Focusrite TwinTrak Pro from sweetwater and had them install the optional A/D card. I run the S/PDIF output on it to my M-Audio ProjectMix I/O and from there to my computer via firewire. Anyway, I followed all the instructions in the manual, but when I fired it up my ProjectMix's console control panel showed spikes peaking out the input meters coming in on the S/PDIF channel, then settling down to a low level, but with no audible sound coming from it. I decided to move forward and powered up Pro Tools (8.0.1 M-Powered) but was met with a DAE error and once clicking OK Pro Tools closed. To make sure it was the TwinTrak I tried to run everything again with the TwinTrak off and Pro Tools ran fine. I have a session tomorrow and would really like to be able to use my new equipment, so if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.