Recording Concert Grand Piano Music to CD

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Subject: Recording Concert Grand Piano Music to CD

My wife plays a Bosendorfer 7'4" Grand Piano. I want to capture her music and create a CD library of her works. This is not for commercial use or sale, only for private family and friends.

I am not an audiophile. I do have a PC with 1.5 Gig memory, a dedicated 300 Gig hard drive for mixing or editing the music on a tower PC.

I am looking at a Boss BR1200 or BR900 CD Digital recorder to purchase. I wil need microphones. What do you suggest - what type of digital recorder, what brand of mics? Am I thinking this in the right direction. Need help. and thank you in advance

I thought I could rent from Silent way, but i am in SoCal Orange County, and Slient way doesnt rent here. Can anyone advise or help?

YOur input is much appreciated. My email is tnipat (at)


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Thanks for the list of dealers at . much appreciated. I am sure I can find the right equipment to start with. I did call a rental company in in SoCal (SIR), and they advised me to purchase, as we would be using it for an extended time. Thanks again

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My recommendation is a matched pair of Audio Technica AT4041's which can be purchased online (musician's friend/ Sweetwater, etc) for $580-$600. These are low cost pro studio condensers, which are particularly suited for this application, as well as acoustic guitar and drum overheads.

True you may not want to invest the money but, it's not a lot considering the application, you'll find other uses for them and you will have them for life. Quality mics are one of the few pieces of audio gear that hold their value.