Recording drums, Finding the right mixer

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I'm looking to record drums through my delta. I've got ten ins and would like a mixing board with at least 7 direct outs, no bussing, straight from the channel. Don't have much cash and would like something a bit older. I found the Peavey xr-700 that looks cool and like it would work. Would it, and do you know any other good ones to check out?

Please help, I'm losing sleep.


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The Peavey XR-700 is a powered mixer. If you're not using it for a live PA, you should save the money and not get a powered mixer. That $ could be better used on a different mixer. There are lots of them to choose from, you need one that has 8 direct outputs. Make sure the direct output is a dedicated jack, not a reused insert jack. I've listed a few here:

...but that list isn't very comprehensive and covers some much larger mixers. Check out this dealer for more ideas: