serial MIDI vs USB MIDI - Griffin adapter

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Have you any information regarding serial drivers for a MOTU MTP / AV for use with Panther and Pro Tools LE 6.2.2? I'm using a Griffin serial adapter I installed on a G4 / 450mhz. Griffin says they are working on it....Maybe I should have opted for the USB version of the MOTU box for all my midi stuff, heh?

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Talking directly to Griffin is the only way to know for sure. If they say they are working on it, than that's a good sign, but there's no guarantees. It's been a long time since Macs had serial ports so it's understandable if companies no longer update software drivers for their old serial hardware. There's a big time gap between the G4/450 and Panther (OS X 10.3).

Don't expect a whole lot of future support for the serial adapter. The USB versions of all MIDI interfaces are much more likely to be supported. So if you have both USB and serial ports, get a USB interface. They are really cheap these days.