SM IN5 mixer Issues

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Hello there. (Excuse my poor english)

I recently bought a SM Pro Audio IN5 Rack mixer for my little home studio.

(Yes, it's the old version. The blue one)

My little problem is that the output on the mixer is in RCA. I think. (Those red and white outputs) However my soundcard that i am conecting it to only got stereo jack 1/4 inputs. 0.o

(I use a Edirol UA-20 Soundcard. )

I figured i could use the other outputs from the mixer that are dedicated as monitor outputs to connect to my soundcard in order to make my recordings. I could use the XLR balanced outputs for my monitors in order to hear what i am playing... but hey... thats not the way its supposed to be 0.o

Could this cause any problems? I am experiencing som hiss and bizz noising from what i think is the mixer... However this noise increases no matter from where i raise the volume. (guitar input, Guitar FX or soundcard) Would this noise dissapear if i used the RCA conections?

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hmmm, I had not heard of that manufacturer before. I looked it up,

...and your best bet depends on if you have the IN5's optional USBMOD module I/O card. In fact, that optional card adds USB, in which case you might not even need the UA-20. For getting audio out of (but not into) your computer/UA-20, you could connect an optical cable:

Either way, you should use 1/4" cables for the UA-20's inputs, from the IN5's "unbalanced output":

Without that card in the IN5, use RCA cables for the output (back into the IN5's "rec in"):