Sony DTC-700 Parts: Substitutes for a rotary encoder

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Joined: 01/12/2004

I picked one of these gems up at work and have been trying to resurrect it. I had a no-go on tape movement and the service manual said it was humidity. (There was also a light up of the CAUTION sign.) But going further I discovered that the tiny gear on the rotary encoder had snapped in half due to age and shrinkage of the gear plastic around the encoder shaft.

My question is, do you happen to know of any other equipment Sony used that encoder in? Seems the dealer won't sell me the part but wants me to bring it in for servicing (just in case I electrocute myself on the +5 volts DC!!)

If I can find another encoder then I can get this tape machine up and running.

Thanks for reading, and any suggestions.