Sony PCM-800 is dead - how to reset?

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Hi Tony,

My band bought a Sony PCM-800 at Ebay a week ago, and the unit doesnt work. Power up and showing life-signs, but not recording at doesnt give out the casette. Probably the previous owner used this unit like a slave machine - but we dont know the know-how to reset the PCM-800 to clear his slavery!:)

I'm already downloaded the DA-88 manual from your site - but no signs over there about the system reset. So please give me the step-by-step order of system-reset!

So - SOS - SOS - SOS.....

Thanks your time and help,

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Ow, that's a bummer. And I don't think you'll like this news... It's probably not due to slave mode or needing a reset. It should still eject a tape regardless of these.

But hey, let's try anyway.

To change the PCM-800's Machine ID #, there's a tiny little rotary knob on the back. (On the original Tascam DA-88 it is orange. The Sony PCM-800 is a very-close clone of the DA-88.) Put it to "0" for standalone operation. When set as slave 1-16, none of the "clock" lights (Int, Word, Video) on the front light up. When standalone, one will be lit, and pushing the clock button will toggle between them. Usually you'll stick with "Int"ernal.

As for resetting it, there's not a reset function. But make sure that you've got a correctly formatted DTRS-compatible tape, as per this section of my DTRS guide. Also, for a regular recording from the analog inputs, make sure the "digital in" light is off.

When all else fails, you can try to trick the deck into ejecting a tape. See "To enter test mode" in this section of my DTRS guide. But note that for those tricks, compared to the DA-88, the PCM-800 has reversed the position of the PLAY and STOP buttons.

Good luck!!