Sony PCM800 manual

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OOPS..We have lost our Sony PCM800 manual.
Know there is the DA88 manual posted on this forum but thought the Sony D25 pinouts were different.
I would like a Sony PCM 800 manual has anyone out there got one please..or point me in the right direction
Thanks Russ

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Which DB25 connectors are you curious about? The PCM-800 pinout for the analog I/O is the same as on Tascam machines. One unique thing about the PCM-800 is an extra AES jack, which requires a specailly wired cable. I don't have that pinout. if you find it please post it here... here's more on this from my guide:

Quote:Sony's compatible deck is the PCM-800. It is a clone of the DA-88 with a few differences, and uses exactly the same internal mechanism. It adds balanced XLR input and output jacks, built-in AES/EBU digital I/O on a DB-25 fanout, and the timecode card is standard (see "Accessories by Tascam" below for the DA-88's optional SY-88 sync card). Cosmetically, the "play" and "stop" buttons are reversed, and the on/off switch is different. Also note that the AES DB25 uses a different fanout than all the other Tascam DB25 jacks, since it carries 8 channels in AND out. The PCM-800 does not work with TDIF...

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Thanks got a copy of the manual sent to me from the service techs at Sony...

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