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Not sure if this is the right place for this post...

I use 24 track hard disk for recording--the old fashion way with large consoles and lots of mics and rack gear.

However, you can't beat a computer for post.

Can I import my tracks for an ADAT (Alessis HD24XR) into Soundtrack Pro for post audio mixdown to video. 5.1 eventually but for now, stereo.

As I record live concerts to video this is the ideal solution due to the all in one interfacing of the Final Cut Studio suite.

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The Alesis HD24 and HD24XR record to a proprietary format. So the audio can't be imported into a Mac or PC DAW unless it is first converted. Also, the hard drive used by the HD24 and HD24XR is not a standard PC or Mac drive so it can't be mounted directly. (This method was used to keep the drive costs down. True, but it's less appealing when you factor in the hidden cost of your time.)

So there are two ways to do what you ask. The best way is to use the Alesis FirePort:

This is a hardware adapter with special software. The hardware adapts the drive to FireWire, and the software converts the files.

The other way is via Ethernet, but the connector is 10baseT which is so slow as to be useless. (If it was 100baseT it would be annoying but do-able. If it was 1000BaseT aka Gigabit Ethernet, it would be cool.)