Standard PC TFT monitor with G5 Mac?

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I'm thinking of buying a dual G5 powermac, my ibook doesn't cut the mustard anymore. I've been searching around for good prices, and have found a couple places. However, they seem to all be without a monitor. This clearly keeps the price down, as the Apple displays are quite expensive.
Can you use a standard "PC" TFT monitor with the G5's?

Also, any reccommendations for cheap macs on the net?

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Here's the scoop on the G5 display ports, and the monitors that can connect to them:

More on the current G5 specs:

If a TFT monitor has a VGA jack, you're all set. "Power Mac G5 computers are shipped with a DVI-to-VGA adapter for connecting to VGA displays."

Also, here's a quick list of my recommended cheap mac dealers:

It's got the rundown on where and how to get a deal.

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That's great, thanx very much.