Synching a DA88 to Soundscape

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that syncing feeling.

I urgently need to sync a Soundscape to a DA88. I'm connected TDIF to TDIF, so I/O no problem. I cannot get sync no matter what I try. I'm not too familiar with DA88's, but I'm trying to get MIDI code in and that's not working, I'd like to stripe TC to the DA88 tape, but that's not working. Can someone tell me how to set this up and worst of all I need to know how by Wednesday.


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Presuming your DA-88 is equipped with the optional SY-88 sync card (so that you have dedicated MIDI i/o and timecode i/o jacks)...

It's all about dip switch #6. Here's the manual to the SY-88:

and the the SY-88 software v4 supplement:

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thanks Tony, that helps me immensely. Appreciated !!

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