syncing tascam da88 and da38

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friends out there,
have a problem. have a tascam da88 using as a master and a da38 using as a slave, all controlled by a remote 848 version 4.0 all is hooked up with the right cables, da88 id switch set to zero, id from da38 set to "2" but on display from da38 is error message blinking e.cloc. i have no experience with this recordingset, so i probably overlooked something but i do not know what could be. i have tje da38 manual, except for section 7, bout syncing da38's. please can somebody help me out with some good advice? i would be truly thankfull.
all the best,

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Check that the tapes in each deck are formatted at the same sample rate. If there's no tape in a deck, it will still be set to the sample rate of the last tape that was in it. When you insert an already-formatted tape, the deck will automatically switch over to the sample rate of that tape. So, to get rid of the error message, you could also just insert one tape into each deck, which will set them each to the same rate.

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many thanks tony, for your quick response and your advice, i tried it and it worked perfectly.
all the best to you and to all the members. simon

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