Tascam DA-78 HR Reinitiate Back to Factory Settings

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My DA-78 HR is the master and 2 DA-38s Chase it. Just recently the DA-38s no longer chase and I notice the TC Chase Menu is no longer showing up amoung the Menus. How do I reinitialize the DA-78 back to factory settings

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The DA-78HR includes non-volatile memory (NVRAM) which preserves almost all user settings after the power is turned off.

Here's the step-by-step for BACKUP MEMORY INITIALIZATION, which will reset the DA-78HR to factory default settings (defaults are listed in chapter 4 of the manual):

1. Press the SHIFT key so the indicator light flashes
2. Press the MENU key until the display shows MAINTN—
3. Press the SUB MENU key until the display shows INIT
4. Press the UP ARROW key to change the display to read READY
5. Press the UP ARROW key again to restore factory settings
6. The unit will show DONE and restart.

The other way is to remove the battery but that's much harder. That method and more DA-78HR tips are here: