TDIF cables - how to tell them apart?

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I have a couple of sets of TDIF type cables here that I have been given.
Trouble is that I do not know if they are TDIF-TDIF or TDIF-Analogue please?
I need to hook up my DA88 (with a sync board) to my Nuendo based DAW running RME ADI-8 converters.
These have TDIF inputs as DSUB as well as Analogue TDIF, and I want to be certain I get this right.

Further, on the DA output board of the DA88, does this output digitally, or just analogue?
Sorry for the dumb questions, but this is important & I am new to this machine.

Thanks in Advance
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It's a bit confusing because the same connector is used for different purposes. Here's my comprehensive guide to cables for DTRS machines:

First, make the distinction between analog inputs/outputs and digital. On the DA-88 they both use the same DB25 connector, so check the labels by each jack. TDIF (Tascam Digital Interface) is completely different than analog, despite the same connector. It uses one DB25 connector to send eight channels of digital audio out AND eight channels in (analog is not bi-directional). Don't send TDIF to an analog input, it'll get ugly! So, there's no such thing as a TDIF-analog cable.

The DA output board is digital-to-analog, so it's an analog output.

Next, you'll need to somehow figure out if those cables are wired correctly because as I recall, TDIF cables were not wired 1-to-1 as analog DB25-DB25 cables are. It might just be a matter of testing them out.

Also, note that with the original DA-88 you'll need a separate word clock cable because the first version of the TDIF spec didn't do clock.

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