TDIF computer interface options

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First of all let me say that I've appreciated your website's helpful tips in the past.

I'm in the process of upgrading my studio computer system. I've always been a Mac user in the studio, but I'm finding myself leaning towards a PC based system. I am currently using (3) DA-38 machines (which seem to being working great for me) along with a very old Mac and software. With this upgrade I realize I will have to upgrade everything. Other than the MOTU 2408 mkIII, there does not seem to be a whole lot of PC/Mac interface support for TDIF that I can see. I'm also wanting to keep my options open for when I eventually do get away from a tape format (Nuendo is something that I'm considering).

Any possible suggestions that you might have would be appreciated.

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True, there are few interfaces with TDIF. I keep my old MOTU 2408 (the
original version) around to use as a stand-alone 24 channel TDIF-ADAT-analog
converter. Other than that use, I only use the 2408 occasionally for certain
24 track transfers into the computer. I use 896es for everything else.
Perhaps the 2408mkIII would be useful to you for that same purpose. Many
interfaces have at least one ADAT input, but only that one has 24 channels of TDIF.

Make sure that whatever interface you choose can be "seen" by your software of choice.
Digidesign Pro Tools software can't see most other manufacturers' hardware.

Follow this link for a good place to get the 2408 mkIII:

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Thanks for your response, Tony!