Silent Way's Ultimate Tracksheet Download FAQ

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Silent Way sells digital downloads of the Ultimate Track Sheet for recording engineers. This FAQ explains common problems.

The downloaded file is a compressed file which contains an Excel spreadsheet. Excel is required to use the UTS. Any other spreadsheet app will not access advanced features such as drop-down menus. Likewise, Excel 2008 for Mac can't access those features (see below).

You'll first receive a confirmation email with the download link (near the bottom). If you didn't receive the email within an hour or so, check your spam folder, and mark the following email addresses as safe in your filter: (anything from) '' '' and ''.

After clicking on the download link, you should have downloaded a compressed ".zip" file, which contains the Excel spreadsheet. You'll need to decompress this before you can use it. If the download got corrupted, try downloading again (the link is good for a few days.)

Some customers have had trouble beyond these first steps. Here are the best solutions to questions I've had so far...

Please let me know what worked (or didn't) so I can fix it. Thanks.

Silent Way's Download FAQ

****The #1 cure for problems: use a different decompression application, OR update yours to the latest version.****

For MAC, Stuffit Expander is free:

For PC, try Winzip (free for for a 45 day trial), it has been most compatible:

For PC, Stuffit Expander is a free download:

Other decompression apps for PC are here:

Here is a list of PC apps which users have reported did NOT work:
x) Windows XP's built-in function to decompress zip folders (d'oh!!)
x) WinRAR v 3.0 (But the newest version DOES work. Latest as of 3/2008 is 3.7.1)
x) Unzip Them All
x) The unzip utility in Powerdesk

Once you've successfully decompressed and launched the Excel file, there are built-in instructions and tips in the "User's Manual" (accessible via the tabs at the bottom).

More FAQ

Q) Does the UTS work with other spreadsheet app such as Apple Numbers, Open Office etc?

A) The Ultimate Track Sheet has only been officially tested with Microsoft Excel. Some users have tried using Open Office, which can open and read the UTS, but it is known that some of the coolest features will not work, such as drop-down menus and sorting info. See the next question about Excel 2008 for Mac:

Q) Mac Excel 2008 didn't support Visual Basic. Does the Ultimate Track Sheet work with Excel 2008?

A) Sort of. The Ultimate Track Sheet works perfectly with the Mac Excel 2011 and Excel 2004. Some of the the cooler features do not work with Excel 2008 for Mac, such as drop-down menus and sorting info. This is because these advanced UTS features use Visual Basic, and Microsoft dropped Visual Basic temporarily for that version. For PC users, it works with all versions of Excel for Windows.

Q) I paid but have not received the email with the download link yet. How long does it take?

A) Hang tight, it takes at least a few minutes for the system to process the charge and email you the download link. If there is a backlog it might take longer but not more than an hour. Also remember to check your spam folder.

Q) I can not start the download, or it fails.

A) You may need to disable your firewall or pop-up blocker, which could block the download. If it still fails, please try from another computer.

Q) After decompressing the archive, I opened the Excel spreadsheet with Excel and I received weird errors, "Error accessing file, network connection may have been lost", "The macro xxxxxx cannot be found", and a window saying that my file has been repaired.

A) Your file might have been corrupted during the download. You can download it again using the same Download Link, which remains active for a short time.