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I'm a singer/songwriter looking for a venue to play in San Francisco that can fit 50 people or so. Might you have any suggestions?

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Here are a few good sites to visit that should help you get gigs:

First, read these tips which apply to this club and all others:

Then familiarize yourself with all the local clubs:

In particular, try these for a solo s-s (all websites are on the list above):

Bottom Of The Hill
Cafe Du Nord
Atlas Café
Brainwash (a funky laundrymat/cafe, they have open mics too)
Elbo Room
El Rio
Freight and Salvage (Berkeley)
Thee Parkside
Red Devil Lounge
Tongue and Groove

Then contact the people who book shows at the clubs:

Once you get a gig, promote it for free with these media contacts:

I also wrote a long Do-It-Youself article which covers this topic in detail, plus tips on how to put together a demo:

Hope that helps,

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Hi Tony-

Related question:

I've put together a cover band for a one-off theme party and need to find a good venue.

I know I can get 200-300 to show up. My reqs: big stage, off the ground, good sound system, 250 capacity, alcohol. It can be a private party or public. Got any suggestions?

Here's my working list - please comment about any of the places if you wish. They may not be perfect, but it's a start...

Cafe Du Nord
El Rio
Elbo Room
Hemlock Tavern
Justice League
Make-Out Room
Red Devil Lounge
Ruby Skye
Tongue and Groove
Cat's Club
Club Six
Glas Kat
330 Rich
Cafe Cocomo
Dogpatch Studios

Broadway Studios

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Some of the following opinions might be out of date... This was first written in early 2003. Since then a new great club is 12 Galaxies, formerly Club Galia. Get more up-to-date info here:

> Cafe Du Nord
It's always been one of my faves.

> El Rio
Always good, although I've always found their "split" layout divides the crowd up, which can bad. Unless the band blows, in which case it's nice to escape to the back yard or the other bar. Deep in the mission might lose a few from the north side of town.

> Hemlock Tavern
They's cool.

> Make-Out Room
Always good.

> Ruby Skye
Upscale, pricey. Could be accused of cheesy.

> Club Six
Do they do live bands? Or just DJs? Creepy dim basement in apocalyptic-ly bad hood.

> Glas Kat
Swanky, small. They might only do jazz.

> Cafe Cocomo
I REALLY like this spot for daytime summery events! Outdoors if daytime?