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I just bought a brand new Powerbook G4, for my Design Major at college.
Here are the basic specs (if I need to list more let me know) for what I need help with:
1gig RAM
OS X 10.3

My problem is that I have been using a PC this whole time and the major required a Mac. Well, now I have a Mac and all these programs for PC, including the one program I need the most; Adobe Photoshop plus a few other programs like Adobe ImageReady and Painter 8.
I heard about Virtual PC for Mac and I'm considering buying it so I can use my PC version of Photoshop on the Virtual PC instead of shelling out $1000 for the Mac version of Photoshop plus who knows how much more for Image Ready and Painter 8.
Now I'll be honest, I'm poor and extremely poor after buying my Powerbook so any money I can save is good. I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with running Photoshop (7 or higher) or any other heavy duty image editting programs with a VPC docked in OSX and if the program ran okay. I don't need it to be equivalent to a desktop I just need it to work alright.
There's my plight, can anyone help? :(

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While I have not used the PC version of Photoshop in VPC, I am willing to bet that if you do so it will be annoyingly slow with your setup. My experience with Photoshop for OS X is that is has VERY heavy processor demands, so I'm sure the PC version does too. My experience with VPC is that is too slow for any but the most simple of tasks.

Since you can buy a low-end PC desktop for so little $$, you might as well get a dedicated machine if you use it all the time. VPC is only good for occasional use.

If you use VPC, make sure to max your PB with RAM (check, and get a 30-day guarantee so you can return VPC if it's too slow for you!

Here's the full lowdown on VPC:

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Thanks for the info, it was very helpful. :D