Web based Radio streaming for individuals

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Does anyone here know where a person can get ahold of software like MyCaster? I want to put a live stream station on, but Scours servers are down for that service. I am forced to look in other areas for something like this. ANY help in this matter would be GREATLY appreciated :) Thank you very much


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As might be expected, there's two scenarios here: The easy Mac way or the more widespread but complicated PC route...

It's harder to install than MyCaster and not as user friendly, but SHOUTcast is the pro way to go (PC or Mac OS X):

Note that SHOUTcast is just the server. You will still need a player application which sends the stream to the server. For that, Winamp with the broadcasting plug-in is one way to go for PC users:

Audion is a player for the Mac with broadcasting capabilites (to send audio to SHOUTcast), but it's a bit bloated compared to iTunes:

There are less complicated options too. If you just want to broadcast within your local network, iTunes (for PC or Mac) has sharing built in and it's Apple-easy to use:

If you're a Mac OS X user, add Nicecast to iTunes and then you can broadcast to the rest of the world very easily:

You can also use Nicecast as a conduit to send an iTunes feed to SHOUTcast.


The SHOUTcast server can either be on the same local machine as the player application or remotely running on a dedicated machine. It's not rediculously complicated to set up a SHOUTcast server, but it is not quite "plug-and-play".

The only tricky thing is bandwidth. With a DSL or Cable connection, you can serve a stream to 3-4 people at 128k, or more at a lower bitrate. This works OK for sending a live DJ set to a few locations. But if you want a wider audience and a more stable connection, than DSL/cable might not be enough. In that case, live365.com sells bandwidth. You just point your player at their servers and they handle hundreds of listeners at a time for a small monthly fee:

Regardless of streaming server choice, you might find that you're in need of a static IP address. For example, if you are broadcasting from a DSL/Cable connection which has a dynamic IP address. The free DynDNS service can help you achieve this:

For more player applications (with or without broadcast features), see my showdown of MP3 stream players:
and my longer list of player links:

And for audio streaming development resources,