weird tascam 788 problem

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I have a weird problem on my tascam 788. If I record stuff on tracks 5-6, and then bounce it all down onto tracks 7/8, the panning gets all weird on tracks 7/8 when I try and mix all down onto my computer. Tracks 1-6 will mix down onto the computer fine and I will be able to pan them however I like, but the music I bounced onto tracks 7/8 doesn’t pan properly. If I pan track 7 hard left and track 8 hard right, it sounds almost as if what happens is that tracks 7/8 are not being treated as a stereo pair, but just as a single mono track. because it sounds like both track 7 and 8 together are being panned hard left, and also they are both being panned hard right. so basically the point is that I can’t mix down tracks 7/8 in stereo. I have tried using RCAs, send/return cables, SPDIF cables, all sorts of different software for mixing down onto, and the problem still occurs. I’m pretty sure its not 8-track because it mixes down fine only other computers.Does it sound like a soundcard problem?

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I've never used the 788 so I can't help, but here's where you can download the manual:

Three other users on this forum have a 788 and one of these users had a problem with panning. Maybe maybe their posts will give you some ideas:

Or try calling Tascam Tech Support: 213-726-0303
(Montebello, Southern CA)