Which Phase reversal adapters for original Mackie CR 1604?

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I want to confirm that all I need to do to be able to use My Original Mackie CR 1604 Mixer is to buy 2 Phase Reversal Adapters that switch the # 2 & 3 Pin's polarity & then plug them in to the Main outputs. Can you suggest some affordable model #'s.

I also see on your page that their is a 10 XLR add on adapter for this board. Can you tell me where I can get one?

Thanks, B.

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This is in reference to my article about the CR1604:


Yes, you're basically correct. Assuming all your other gear has Pin 2 hot XLRs (the standard for many years now)...

The CR1604 has 1/4" balanced TRS main outs, so you'll need either:

(2) TRS-XLRMale cables, with the XLRs wired Pin 3 hot
(2) TRS-XLRMale cables, with the XLRs wired Pin 2 hot and (2) XLR phase reversal adapters.

Phase reversal adapters (just one example):

As for the XLR-10 mic pre expander, that was key because without that the mixer only had 6 mic preamps. But I have no idea where to find one without a mixer. Maybe ebay, but that's a longshot since I bet they are all attached to mixers.