WiFi HiFi for iMac G5 jukebox?

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We've just recently switched from a PC to a 1.8GHz iMac G5 w/ 1Gig RAM.

I'd like to use it as our central music library/jukebox to feed various HiFi speaker systems throughout the house (indoor and outdoor)...preferably without using wires. I was hoping that my existing WiFi network (802.11g) could be utilized.

Is this advisable? I'd like high quality D/A conversion but don't know where to begin. I figured the D/A is best left to some sort of HiFi equipment...but how do I get it there without wires? FireWire 400? vs. USB 2.0 vs. Optical Audio out vs. 802.11g vs. some combination thereof.

I can't seem to find any HiFi Receivers/Amplifiers that receive 802.11x then do the D/A conversion themselves. Is there such a thing?

Are the 802.11x "media players" (D-Link, Linksys, Microsoft, etc.) any good? Do they handle the D/A themselves and is the quality any good? Are there any HiFi models? (we do not need the video).

Is there some sort of FM transmision option (alla iPod style) that is sufficiently HiFi?

(FYI-most of my music libray is on CD but I'm planning on burning them to a hard drive for jukebox purposes and I know very little about the various compression formats most appropriate for satisfactory HiFi. I do not have an iPod yet...but I'm considering purchasing one!)

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Ian Johnson

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Check out Apple's Airport Express, with AirTunes built in:

It does all that and a bag of chips:

It does HiFi over WiFi. Don't get FM transmitter options, they are crap-o-la.

When you're ripping CDs to the hard drive, pick the highest bit rate available for whichever encoding format you pick. Hard drives are too cheap to waste your time ripping at low bit-rates. Personally I do Apple Lossless, or AAC @ 320k, or MP3 at 320k normal (not joint) stereo.

Also, here's my method of organizing the files, although most people are fine with iTunes' automatic organization:

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Airport Express w/ AirTunes? wow, so simple...(and a little embarrasing).

THANKS for the reply. Cudos on silentway.com. I've only begun to surf it....looks like it will be quite a ride.

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...and, for sending audio from ANY application (not just from iTunes), check out the new AirFoil:

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