Guide to Focus Groups (San Francisco and elsewhere)

The Focus Group List (San Francisco and elsewhere)

You might have heard about market research focus groups. Companies seek your opinions on advertising and new products, so they hire independent third-party companies to gather people together for interviews. It's a good way to make some cash if you've got the time. Focus groups generally pay $75-$100 for 1-2 hours. A few very specifically targeted groups pay more, sometimes $150+ for an hour.

Visit their websites to register online and to become a participant (respondent). They all have quick and easy signup forms on their sites, so don't bother them by phone. It's easier and quicker to sign up online.

They'll keep you on their list, call you once in a while, and ask you a few questions. If you qualify, you are invited to attend a focus group. When you get there, tell them what you think. Don't suck up, because they are looking for constructive criticism from real people. Also, don't worry about your info being sold to telemarketers. They have to keep your info confidential to avoid impropriety and conflicts of interest. For more info on privacy, see my guide to privacy and privacy links.

Some of these companies are in San Francisco (415 area code), some have additional offices in other cities, others are online.

By the way, this is a better option than the so-called "Mystery Shopper" scams that just fleece you for up-front money. Read this Federal Trade Commission warning about Mystery Shopper scams.

Also, please note that Silent Way does not perform surveys!

Also check the links in the Silent Way Directory: Focus Groups.

Nichols Research

sign up here

44 Montgomery

Suite 1550

San Francisco CA

Also in: Sunnyvale CA, Concord CA, Fresno CA, and Reno NV.



Plaza Research (Iopinion)

sign up here

55 Stockton

Suite 400

San Francisco CA

Also in: New York area, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Atlanta,

Philadelphia, Ft. Lauderdale, Phoenix, Tampa and San Diego.


Ecker & Associates

sign up here

220 S. Spruce, Suite 100

South San Francisco

222 Front St, 3rd Floor

San Francisco CA


Fleischman Field Research

sign up here

250 Sutter Street, 2nd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94108

1655 N. Main Street, #320

Walnut Creek, CA 94596



Consumer Research Associates

sign up here

450 Sansome St., 8th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94111

Also in Dallas, TX.



G Focus Groups, Inc

sign up here

G Focus Groups, Inc

733 Fillmore Street, Suite 3

San Francisco, CA 94117877-928-2721SurveySite

sign up here

Online only. Usually an online survey that enters you in a drawing for $.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.416-642-1002

Cobbey + Associates

sign up here

One Sansome Street, Suite 2000

San Francisco, California 94104



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In San Francisco and a dozen cities. 

Tragon Research

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Tragon Corporation

365 Convention Way

Redwood City, CA 94063-1402

Chicago Office

1400 East Lake Cook Road, Suite 105

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-1865


If you are in a survey taking place in Redwood City, note that it only pays $25 per hour.


MBS Internet

sign up here

Online only.


Benchmark Research

sign up by phone,


Pharmaceutical research trials, with offices in these cities:

490 Post St, Suite 1442, San Francisco CA; Austin TX; Fort Worth TX; San Angelo TX. Details.

Please mention that you were referred by Tony Brooke of San Francisco (here is my contact info if they ask for it).



66 Bovet Road Suite 105

San Mateo, CA 94402

Also in La Mirada, CA and King Of Prussia, PA.


Corey, Canapary & Galanis

447 Sutter

San Francisco CA



730 Montgomery

San Francisco CA 94111

Also: Ann Arbor MI, Boston MA, Columbus OH, London UK, Osaka Japan, Paris France and Singapore.


sign up here

This company has been unresponsive to "unsubscribe" requests, so I do not recommend taking part

in their surveys, which only get you an entry into a drawing instead of actual compensation.

"MarketTools and zTelligence are registered trademarks of MarketTools, Inc."

One of their clients is

Online only. Earn "zoompoints", a drawing entry or cash.