Halloween Mystery photos

Who's That? Help me find these people and my photos! 10/28/2000

My disposable camera got mixed up with someone else's disposable camera at a Halloween party featuring the band Ray's Vast Basement at the Catacombs warehouse space in San Francisco on Saturday, October 28th 2000. (This camera was found during the next day's clean-up but mine was not.)

Does anyone recognize these folks? They were at the RVB show... Maybe they are looking at my pics and wondering "who's that?" I'm sure they were just as surprised to get pics of me dressed like Shaggy from Scooby Doo, complete with a giant chasing ghost attached to my back.

If these are yours, contact me and I'll give you the prints and negatives. (Scroll down to see all 19 lo-res pics. I have the hi-res pics and negatives too.)

I want to find my pictures! If you know these folks, E-mail me!!


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