Mac Tips: Best PC and Mac Accessories

[Updated in early 2014.] I've shopped. I've tested. I've been on hold for days with tech support. I've thrown things out the window and run them over repeatedly with my car. I know. When shopping, watch for recent deals at DealMac, and read this article on my recommended dealers.


Everyone has to buy RAM at some point, and it is often marked up a lot. Some dealers (which otherwise are fine for buying computers) really jack up the price on RAM. You can find RAM for much less from a dedicated RAM dealer. RAM prices swing up and down significantly. So shop around via the links I've gathered here.


Got a laptop on your desk? Don't hunch over to type. Put the laptop up on a riser to bring it to eye-level. A box that's about a foot high will do, but a small shelf offers some storage underneath. Add a wireless (probably bluetooth) external keyboard and mouse. Now you've got it all.


The new 802.11ac is faster than gigabit ethernet cable. What?!? Get it and finally ditch the cables, even for big file transfers. Welcome to the new age. I put together this comparison chart:

Search for 802.11ac routers at