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The Macintosh OS is the system of choice for discerning users because it works efficiently and logically. And once you go Mac, you never go back. So why aren't you using your Mac to its full potential? Put 20+ years of Mac experience on your side: Tune up your system, and you'll get more done.

Silent Way offers training, installation, upgrading, OS X transition, system stabilization, efficiency tuning, bug repair, configuration advice, network administration, purchasing recommendations, PC translation and emulation. Every system can be tweaked to run faster and work more intuitively.

Here are a few of the most popular Mac consulting requests:

• Training: You know that your system can be more efficient. The Mac has dozens of quick shortcuts and tricks which could make your life easier, but you've never found them. A private quick tips session will save you time on everything that you do. Or schedule a group seminar for your office.

• Websites: The Website Launch Package will get you started as your own webmaster (or Silent Way can do it for you). With a quick setup and lesson, your site will be on the web in a few hours. You control the site, once you've learned the basics. It's easier than you think! To paraphrase an old truism: "Buy someone a fish and they'll eat today, but teach someone how to fish and they'll eat for the rest of their lives."

Silent Way also offers domain name registration, web hosting setup and search engine placement.

• OS X Transition: Mac OS X is a completely new ballgame, and the transition is completely worth it. A few minutes of advice now will prevent major headaches later.

• Broadband Networks: Got DSL or a cable modem? Multiple Macs (and PCs!) can share one high-bandwidth connection. For less than the per-computer cost of slow, unstable dialup modem connections, all of your computers can share one DSL line. It's blazing-fast, always on (no wait for a connection), and the whole Net becomes as instantly accessible as any application. Silent Way can set you up.

• Digital Audio: Studios predominantly choose Macs for Digital Audio Workstations. Your Mac may already be equipped to record music. If not, it's not tough. Also, music on the net is easy to find and to make.

• Web Tours: It's all out there. You just need to know where to look.

Contact Tony Brooke for scheduling and hourly rates, available only in the Bay Area.

For more on Tony Brooke, see this resume.

For free Mac Tips and newsletter, see Silent Way's Mac Tips Pages.

Also see Silent Way's Internet Consulting, Audio Consulting and Web Development services.

If you need in-depth technical advice now, call the consulting hotline below. Hours are 10am-5pm PST, or schedule a callback. The rate is $1 per minute.

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