MAM System Details

This is just one of over seventy Media Asset Management (MAM) systems covered in the Media Asset Management Guide. Also see descriptions of the workflows.

MAM Organization: 
Workflows Served: 
Discovery Interface
Content Managed: 
Research Repository
Data Sets
Service Method: 
Run Locally
Hosted on Hardware Server
Distribution Model: 
Proprietary with Subscription Contract

"CONTENTdm helps you to make your digital collections available on the Web, more quickly and easily. No matter the format—local history archives, newspapers, books, maps, slide libraries or audio/video—CONTENTdm can handle the storage, management and delivery of your collections to users across the Web."

"CONTENTdm can store any file format. It can also display any file format that can be displayed in your browser either natively or via a plug-in. This includes all common formats such as JPEG, GIF, or TIFF images, WAV or MP3 audio files, AVI or MPEG video files, PDF files, EAD Finding Aids and even URLs. Large-format image collections also benefit from the JPEG2000 capability available with CONTENTdm. XML data in the METS/ALTO format can be imported using CONTENTdm Flex Loader. Audio and video files that are h.264 encoded and Flash compatible will play in-line when selected by an end user. Other audio and video file formats can be stored but will be played either via a plug-in or browser capability to support the format."