MAM System Details

This is just one of over seventy Media Asset Management (MAM) systems covered in the Media Asset Management Guide. Also see descriptions of the workflows.

MAM Organization: 
Workflows Served: 
Business and Marketing
Content Managed: 
Service Method: 
Run Locally
Distribution Model: 
(To Be Determined)

"Cumulus includes Cumulus Video Cloud for companies that need to convert video content into different formats and publish video content across various platforms and channels. For additional video functionality we offer Video Manager Integration with our partner MovingIMAGE24."

Initially built to handle images but now also handles video and audio.

Also see the Video Module by MODULA4:
"Canto Cumulus allows you to ingest high-resolution video files, but it lacks several features that support handling these large files in a way that is most useful to users and administrators. Modula4's Video Module adds important features that make the viewing, downloading and commenting of videos easier and more flexible."