Elvis DAM

MAM System Details

This is just one of over seventy Media Asset Management (MAM) systems covered in the Media Asset Management Guide. Also see descriptions of the workflows.

MAM Organization: 
Workflows Served: 
Business and Marketing
Content Managed: 
Service Method: 
(To Be Determined)
Distribution Model: 
(To Be Determined)

"Whether you are in marketing, creative design or publishing, the number of heavy files you are working with grows. Videos, designs, PDFs and images are becoming richer and bigger."

"Elvis digital asset management software centralizes all your images, videos and more... Elvis has powerful tools to share, comment and approve on work in progress - regardless the device you're on. We also include a set of web interfaces to create your own image galleries, portals for syndication and digital marketing distribution."

Elvis supported file types can be found here.