MAM System Details

This is just one of over seventy Media Asset Management (MAM) systems covered in the Media Asset Management Guide. Also see descriptions of the workflows.

MAM Organization: 
Workflows Served: 
Broadcast Playback
Production and Editing
Content Managed: 
Service Method: 
Run Locally
Distribution Model: 
Proprietary with Purchased License
Proprietary with Subscription Contract

FORK is a hardware- and software-based production suite with many modules including Content Navigator (MAM). Provides news and sports broadcast environments with ingest, playback (both MCR and PCR), editing, archiving, logging and more.

"FORK Production Suite is a world class Media Asset Management and automation toolset - complete with live, tape and file-based ingest, unlimited descriptive metadata logging and multi-field search, real-time proxy generation, lo-res editing and craft edit integration – but it's also a powerful facility management framework that plays nicely with nearly all major broadcast hardware."