Yamaha PM3000

Mixer Details

This is just one of over 75 professional audio mixers covered in The Mixer Output Guide, which describes direct outs, inserts, hidden mods and more. To see the rest, and for definitions, visit The Guide.

Direct Out: 
The INSERT OUT jack serves as a 1/4" unbalanced +4 direct out if nothing is in the IN jack.
Insert IN is balanced, insert OUT is unbalanced

From the manual: "INSERT IN/OUT jacks are wired in a "normalled" configuration such that as long as the IN jack is not used, the OUT jack is internally wired to it for signal continuity. The OUT jack may be used as a direct output without interrupting signal flow through the console." The OUT jack is post-gain, post-pad, pre-EQ, pre-fader, pre-mute. An internal switch in each module changes the insert (IN/OUT jacks) to be post-EQ, pre-fader (see manual section 6.2).

Group insert outs also function this way.

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