Yamaha PM5000

Mixer Details

This is just one of over 75 professional audio mixers covered in The Mixer Output Guide, which describes direct outs, inserts, hidden mods and more. To see the rest, and for definitions, visit The Guide.

Direct Out: 
TRS, pre-EQ, pre-fader, pre-mute (internally switchable to be post-EQ and/or post-mute)
Separate TRS jacks, switchable pre/post EQ via "Pre" switch
Gain Control of Direct Output: 

See a detailed picture of the PM5000-52C surface. See a detailed picture of the PM5000-52C back. See page 88 of the manual for internal switch settings to change DO and inserts pre/post. Matrix outs are on XLR.

Each channel has 12 stereo aux sends (on 24 XLR jacks) and 8 mono "group/aux" sends (on 8 XLR jacks). In other words, the 8 groups can be used as extra auxes. There is a Pre switch on each channel's Group and Aux levels, to control whether the signal is Pre- or Post-Fader.

From page 34 of the pdf manual (32 of the printed manual) regarding the master settings for the dual-purpose group/auxes (aka "G/A"):

"The G/A modules are all dual types that can be set for GROUP POST PAN (stereo master), GROUP PRE PAN (dual mono master), or AUX (dual mono master) operation. The current mode of each G/A module is shown by the G/A bus mode indicators."

"When the G/A bus mode is switched, the actual change occurs not in the G/A module, but in the way the mono or stereo input channel signal is sent to the group/aux buses (please refer to the block diagram). The operational differences between the three G/A bus modes are organized in the following chart."

PM5000 Group+Aux Bus Mode Settings

(See the manual for more.)

Price It: 
PM5000 Group_Aux Bus Mode Settings