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Recording environments have always needed to be flexible to accommodate the whims of artists and record companies. But the recording industry has seen drastic shifts in the past few years. The inevitable stampede of technological progress, combined with increased competition and smaller budgets, has turned the art of music production into a Market Economy survival lesson. It's a completely different business each day.

Major technological developments have lowered the entry point for new engineers, making the "classic" gear even more valuable because more people are using what is no longer manufactured. Meanwhile, many manufacturers have recreated the original sound, adding better user interfaces and new functionality. In the middle of these two trends, the older equipment that isn't quite classic has been made obsolete. But today's new equipment has an increasingly shorter lifespan, making investment risky. A studio's break-even point becomes lost in this "financial noise floor."

Equipment is not worth purchasing unless it can help your bottom line. Why buy something you'll only use once a year?

Here's where equipment rental comes in. Silent Way can provide the equipment you need for as long as you need it, from a long list: mics, mic preamps, FireWire interfaces, any Modular Digital Multitrack etc. From classic mics to HD recording on RADAR... taking your project to the next level is cheaper than you think. Plus, you get the expert advice necessary to choose the right gear and get the best sound possible.

For consultation without a rental, also see Silent Way Consulting.

Note: Silent Way does NOT rent outside of Northern California or sell any equipment.

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Or call for a rental quote: Tony Brooke, 415.826.2888