Recording Tricks: Eventide H3000

Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer

The Eventide line of effects processors has had many models and variations. The most popular group falls under the "H3000" category. These offer automatic pitch correction and tons of other effects. Here are some hidden features that apply to the H3000 family of processors.

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  • Initialize to factory settings

Power up the unit while holding down the "Function" key. A dialog will come up which shows "Remove all presets? Yes/No". After you choose yes or no, another dialog will come up which shows, "Reset the OS? Yes/No". BACK UP ANY PRESETS YOU WANT TO KEEP BEFORE DOING THIS.

  • Adjust contrast

To adjust the contrast of the LCD screen, use the "function" knob at any time that it is NOT assigned to a function.

  • Quick entry of numbers

When editing names of presets, the keypad will give you instant access to the digits 0-9. For a space, hit "9" and then the "Up Arrow."

  • Pitch shifting tips

For better pitch shifting of chords (which are harder to correct than individual notes), set "Deglitch" to a low note, in the range of D0-D4. Narrow deglitch ranges work best for chords.

To pitch shift a low note, lower the "high note" setting first, before changing the "low note" setting.

  • Multiple Harmonizer operation

Several Harmonizers can be controlled together as one, for linked operation. Connect a MIDI cable from the "MIDI out" of the first machine to the "MIDI in" of the second machine, etc. Then put the "slave" machines in "Sequence mode." The parameters of the first machine will control all of them.