Recording Tricks: Sony DTC-700 DAT Recorder

Sony DTC-700 DAT Recorder

This DAT recorder can play back DATs at 48, 44.1 and 32kHz, but can only record at 48 and 32 (not 44.1!). However, a 44.1kHz digital input can be recorded as long as it is not SCMS copy-protected. If you need to record at 44.1, try routing your signal through an outboard converter or another digital device at 44.1kHz, then send the signal into the DTC-700's optical input. DATs recorded on this deck will have SCMS copy-protection.

  • Head hour counter; hidden button inside remote

On the Remote Control (model RM-D55A) there is a button which is not normally accessible. To access it, you must first remove the remote's top face. Between the "Reset" (counter) button and the "A-B"(repeat) button, there is a recessed button that is ordinarily covered by the remote's face. Press this button, followed by certain key sequences, and the following will show on the deck's display:

Press the secret button, and then these keys:


and the display will show the number of hours on the heads. [Since first writing this article many years ago, I don't recall where the "#" button is... perhaps that is the recessed button?],

Press the secret button, and then these keys:


and the display will show the number of times the deck's door has been opened.

There seems to be variations on this method, as evidenced by Silent Way's visitors, who have reported different results:

One reader responded that there was no # button on their RM-D55A, and that after pressing the secret button once, saw this display, perhaps containing both the above mentioned bits of info;


0489 H 31 02

Another user reports that the key sequence only works if you press the numbers first, then the secret button. ie. 87-secret.