Recording Tricks: TC Electronic M3000, M2000, FireworX, Finalizer, M•One, D•Two, Triple-C Effects

TC Electronic M3000, M2000, FireworX, Finalizer, M•One, D•Two, Triple-C Effects

I've designed a printable session log for writing down all of the TC Electronic M3000's parameters. It has all of the parameters listed for the M3000 when in Expert mode, and room for the parameters of four presets. View or download it here.

  • Self-test mode

For much of TC Electronic's recent equipment, there is a hidden test mode which allows you to test equipment functions and add a custom start-up message. To enter the self-test mode, hold down one of the three bypass buttons while powering up. Selecting "run test program" allows you to test all of the inputs, outputs, system, MIDI, battery, buttons, lights, etc. Turn off, then on again to return to regular functions.

TC Electronic M•One reverb, D•Two Delay (and Triple-C?)

  • Software Version, Self-test mode, Master Reset

These TC M•One functions also work for the D•Two delay and (possibly) the Triple-C compressor.

The software version is displayed during power-up, and the software can be updated via MIDI. As of 2002, the M-One's software was at version 1.43 and the D-Two was at 1.05. AS of 2004, the Triple C was up to version 2.02. Here's the M-One Software. Here's the M-OneXL Software. Here's the D-Two Software. Here's the Triple-C Software. The M-One can not be upgraded to an M-OneXL. (Don't try loading the M-One XL software into your M-One, it will crash it.)

To enter the diagnostic test mode, hold down "algo/edit 2" and the up-arrow while powering it up. Scroll through these test choices with the big control knob: Front Test (display), Main Board Test, Download DSP code, and Change MIDI speed.

WARNING: the following will erase all user-stored presets! To reset all presets and parameters to factory defaults, hold down "Enter" while powering up.

For more on these units, see the TC Electronic website.