Brother Moses Smote The Water

Release Details

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Zion Harmonizers
Track Album: 
Smokin: The Sounds of New Orleans II
Gospel and Spiritual
Tony Brooke's Role: 
Audio Recording Engineer

Recorded 5/2/94 at Tower Records, New Orleans, by Tony Brooke with Cory Smith. Six of the twelve tracks on "Smokin: The Sounds of New Orleans II" were from a series of New Orleans Jazz Festival live broadcasts and recordings for WWOZ-FM by Tony Brooke.

From the liner notes by John Sinclair of WWOZ:
"The Zion Harmonizers' selection, "Brother Moses Smote the Water," was recorded at the same Tower Records engagement [as the Tony Dagradi track on this album] and was also broadcast 'live' on WWOZ. A great set of this historic group's current repertoire, along with the studio version of this cut, can be heard on Best of New Orleans Gospel, Volume Two, on Mardi Gras Records."

And, more from John Sinclair on the production of the album: "Most of these cuts were recorded by Tony Brooke and Cory Smith--two young men who came in from California on a wing and a prayer, crashed on Dave Freedman's floor for 10 days, and volunteered their services to engineer and record the string of 'live' broadcasts from which these selections were drawn."


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