Tony Brooke: e-Portfolio

This e-Portfolio is the culmination of my work toward a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the School of Library and Information Science at San José State University. It contains evidence that I have achieved mastery and practical application of the core competencies required for the degree. The e-Portfolio also details my concentration in the Information Science areas of media asset management and audiovisual metadata.

The e-Portfolio consists of this Introduction, a Statement of Professional Philosophy, fourteen Competency Statements, a Conclusion, and an affirmation of originality and privacy. Together these show that I am able to...

Each competency statement is supported with three to four pieces of evidence. For evidence, I have used elements of my work performed for the Masters program (from the Fall of 2011 through the Spring of 2014), professional work outside of the program, and my published journal articles. In total there are about fifty pieces of evidence including pdf files, web links, video, and audio.

When building this e-Portfolio, evidence was drawn from my personal archive built during the master’s program. Throughout the program, I saved and organized every associated resource including all assignments, discussion forum posts, readings, lectures, and discoveries. When adding resources to the archive, I tested each for renderability and full text access. That searchable archive greatly facilitated this e-Portfolio. I spent the Spring of 2014 assembling the evidence, writing competency statements, and building this web presentation.

To view the e-Portfolio, use the navigation at the bottom of each page, or see the table of contents in the right margin.

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