Tony Brooke- Photos Pages

This is an archive of photos from 1995-2004, not much recent here...

A bunch of pics and playbills from stage stuff.

Shots from the Dan Dion photo shoot at the Hard Rock Cafe

Dan was taking archive photos of the memorabilia at the Hard Rock (San Francisco) for the book "Treasures of the Hard Rock Cafe: The Official Guide to the Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia Collection icon" by Joel Selvin and Paul Grushkin. We took some shots of us jamming on one of Jimi Hendrix's guitars.

My disposible camera got mixed up with someone else's disposible camera at the Halloween party featuring Ray's Vast Basement at the Catacombs warehouse space on Saturday, October 28th 2000. (I got the camera that the band found after the show.)

Does anyone recognize these folks? They must have been at the RVB show... Maybe they are looking at my pics and wondering "who's that?"