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SilentWay.com began a long long time ago... in internet years, anyway. This site was first launched in 1996 and has evolved into a vast music and technology library. (Silent Way "the company" started in 1993.)

The site was originally built to provide clients with access to Tony Brooke's vast private archive of thousands of technical documents, manuals and industry URLs. In those early years of the web, popularity was an afterthought. The initial goal was quickly achieved and surpassed due to net growth and unexpected worldwide interest. The site grew immensely to become a unique info collection, helping hundreds of thousands of visitors learn about music and technology. In 2010, the site relaunched on a new web platform (Drupal) with many new features.

This site aims to deliver info that is succinct and effective. To increase speed, it is mostly text-based and the design is deliberately spartan. No schmancy Flash intro, animations, DHTML, soundtrack audio, Java apps, dancing logos or gratuitous eye candy. Just a Drupal framework with HTML, PHP, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). No required plugins; Any browser, device or platform is welcome here.

As of July 2010, SilentWay.com was receiving about 462,000 hits per month, and tens of thousands of unique visitors per month.

From May 2002 to July 2010, the site received over 20 million successful requests and 7.5 million successful page requests, plus many more before that, between 1996 and 2002. See the bottom of this page for a sample of traffic statistics.

Yearly stats as of December 31, 2010Yearly stats as of December 31, 2010

By various counting methods, this domain has between 200,000 and 390,000 words. As of 2011, it has over 1350 pages and over 3300 links.

These numbers do not include the sibling websites tastycast.com, ultimatetracksheet.com, tonybrooke.com, djappropriate.com, thevid.com, silentway.net and a bunch more. That's a long way from the first page way back in 1996...

A brief timeline follows, in rewind. For more recent updates, please visit Silent Way on Facebook.

December 2013

Launched the Media Asset Management (MAM) Systems Guide, on managing video and audio collections in a variety of workflows.

December 2010

Finished a huge revamp of the Silent Way discography. It has new detail pages for all the releases discovered so far (70 and counting), with audio/video clips, album covers, stories, and more. The goal is an easy way to learn about the great music and video by these artists. Check it out!

June-July 2010

Tear-down and relaunch of a completely overhauled site, now using the Drupal content management system. A quick summary of the hot newness:
• The Computer Interface Guide and Mixer Output Guide are now expanded, much more detailed, fully searchable and have filtering controls to narrow searches quicker. Each model has its own detail page.
• The Computer Interface Guide now has over 220 interfaces.
• The Mixer Output Guide (formerly the Mixer Direct Out and Insert Database) has over 60 mixers and a catchier name.
• The recording Guides (RADAR Quickstart, Definitive DA-88, other gear) are enhanced with better navigation.
• A long list of venues (music/theater/more) with details and interactive maps. By default this is a list of venues Silent Way has worked in (over 100 in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and the West coast), but can also show more. A global map shows all the venues.
• Fully searchable and filterable Client List with genres and project descriptions, for exploring music and learning about the 300+ artists.
• A new, cleaner design with drop-down menu navigation.
• A new site glossary, sitemap and "Recent Updates."
• RSS feeds to keep up to date with changes.
• Visitors can now create a free user account to unlock extra features, choose their design, more.
• The forum is now integrated into the rest of the site. Users of the old forum have been upgraded to new site-wide accounts.
• All visitors (anonymous and registered) can "watch" any page or forum topic, and be notified of updates.

The site is now based on Drupal, powering these new features and much more to come! New content is easier to add so the site will be much more active than it has been for the last few years.


For a decade, the goal was writing useful, unique content. The Silent Way Forum was a separate section where visitors could post questions and discuss tech. During this era the site grew to over 400,000 words, 3300 external links, 335 pages, hundreds of rows of MySQL data fed to PHP pages, hundreds of images and a bunch of files.

circa August to December 2000

Silent Way.com's blue period begins.


Visit an Internet Archive snapshot.

circa 3/22/2000

SilentWay.com domain comes up for grabs. Yoink! The site moves to a "big league" .com address. Ian Walsh of bluedreamers.com designs a new logo for the site.

October 1999

Site moves to SilentWay.net.


Visit an Internet Archive snapshot. Enjoy this cutting-edge feature: "NEW! E-mail my pager (140 characters maximum)".

circa 1996

First version of the site on a PacBell homepage, at home.pacbell.net/way/

The number of visitors to silentway.com has grown steadily for years. Sample traffic reports:

Statistics for One Month, June 2010


Successful requests: 462,117

Average successful requests per day: 15,398

Successful page requests: 148,099

Avg successful page requests per day: 4,935

Distinct hosts served: 16,112

Statistics for One Month, August 2006


Successful requests: 290,732

Average successful requests per day: 9,089

Successful page requests: 151,437

Avg successful page requests per day: 4,734

Distinct hosts served: 26,561

Statistics for One Month, January 2005


Successful requests: 311,241

Average successful requests per day: 10,039

Successful page requests: 93,993

Avg successful page requests per day: 3,031

Distinct hosts served: 27,669

SilentWay.com Cumulative Statistics for 5/2/2002 - 7/27/2010

Successful requests: 20,705,251

Average successful requests per day: 6,885

Successful page requests: 7,469,768

Avg successful page requests per day: 2,484

These statistics are for the silentway.com domain only, and do not include Silent Way's various sibling sites, which have substantial traffic as well.

"Distinct hosts served" doesn't reflect unique visitors due to ISP caching/proxy servers. So, the number of unique visitors is much higher than the number of distinct hosts.

To add a link to silentway.com from your website, please link to the front page, http://www.silentway.com

Yearly stats as of December 31, 2010