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David Byrne (of Talking Heads)
Rock and Pop

Tony Brooke has had the pleasure of recording David Byrne twice, both times at The Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. David was formerly the lead singer of Talking Heads.David Byrne Poster from 5/31/2001 at the Fillmore

On May 31st 2001, Virgin Records hired Silent Way to engineer a multitrack recording for David at The Fillmore. The call came in at lunchtime to record the show that night. In just a few hours, Tony built a full 40-track mic-split recording system at The Fillmore.

[A curious side-note to this recording: The David Byrne track "Like Humans Do" on the CD "KFOG- Live from the Archives Volume 8" is listed in the liner notes as having been recorded on 5/31/01 at The Fillmore. But the track on that KFOG CD was not actually recorded on that date. It is actually from a different date than is listed in the liner notes, most likely from a show in Colorado on that same tour.]

On February 25th 2005, Tony and Silent Way were hired again to record David Byrne at The Fillmore. The Extra Action Marching Band was the opening act, and they sat in with David for part of his set. Their high energy performance gave the evening an extra kick.